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Optus Customers

Optus Customers

In relation to the Privacy Breach that took place during November 2015, if you are an affected person and can provide substantiating information confirming the same to Mr Daniel O’Connell, Director of Australian Recoveries & Collections Pty Limited, Australian Recoveries & Collections Pty Limited will provide you with a free Credit Monitoring Service if availed by no later than close of business on 14 March 2017.

If you wish to discuss the matter, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Daniel O’Connell on 02 9016 7353. It would definitely help the process if you could kindly provide the relevant file number, address and the details of the damages incurred.

Credit Monitoring Services will be provided to you within seven days of the date of contact being made with Australian Recoveries & Collections Pty Limited.

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