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Legal Services

Legal Services

In all circumstances Australian Recoveries and Collections will attempt to recover all of your legal costs from the debtor, and no costs will be charged to you without your prior consent.

When it’s necessary to move ahead with legal proceedings our affiliated solicitors, Birch & Warner Lawyers, are on hand to assist with these services:

  • Statement of Liquidated Claim
  • Issuing a Judgment
  • Issuing and Examination of Summons
  • Issuing a Writ of Execution

Birch & Warner Lawyers
Suite 8, Level 5, 377 Sussex Street , Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8541 1566
Email: [email protected]

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In case you are in dire need for debt related legal services, ARC is the ultimate agency in such a situation. It is into Legal services for many years and offers blue chip services to large and small business in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia.

The Prime Assistance Offered By Debt Recovery Lawyers:

  • After the first meeting with you, we initiate cost-effective judicial action by employing the expertise and knowledge of our local agencies across the globe.
  • As with regular debt recovery law suits, our lawyers have the advocacy skills to bring your case to successful completion by assisting you in furnishing statement of liquidated claim and issuing a judgement, examination of summons and issuing a writ of execution.
  • In our organization costs are computed according to the local court rates.

Our Unique Selling Proposition:

  • If amicable settlement does not take place, Australian Recoveries and Collection Company will take action to recover all of your expenses and ensure your debtor its obligations and you do not have to pay fees upfront and none shall be spent without your permission.
  • In case of insolvency and court proceedings are required, our agent at Australian Recoveries & Collections furnish all debt related legal services including offering assistance of debt recovery lawyer Australia to companies or small business.
  • Our local agencies conduct economical and prudent litigation and you will be provided with good advice by our lawyers.
  • Our agent or lawyer has profound knowledge of the local system of courts and prowess in the local laws related to debt recovery.
    • Thus Australian Recoveries and Collection Company is a top agency among other companies for providing a lawyer, litigation and other related legal advice and assistance in case of insolvency in cities of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia including providing debt recovery lawyer Australia and you can bank on their renowned assistance.