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Credit Reporting Information
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Credit Reporting Information

Get the information you need to make informed decisions around potential borrowers and business partners. ARC Mercantile is one of the leading credit reporting agencies in the country, delivering the support and intelligence businesses need to make informed choices.

We understand the importance of having the right data when embarking on a new venture with another company or screening prospective borrowers. To better support Australian enterprise, our credit history checks are priced to be accessible to more companies. We put the knowledge you need within reach, making it easier to make smarter decisions. Start a conversation with the ARC Mercantile team today to learn more.

Company credit reports

Credit reporting forms part of any good CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT process. ARC helps its customers to minimise financial risk and exposure to bad debtors.

ARC can help you access company credit reports for 100% of Australian commercial businesses, and check important information from the past 5 years including:

  • Company Details
  • Payment Defaults
  • Court Judgments
  • Public Notices
  • Security Interests

We’ll give you the key pieces of data you need to avoid partnering with a bad debtor or a financially perilous company. To learn more about our company credit reports, contact us today.

Consumer credit reports

We offer access to individual credit reports for 97.5% of the credit active population through our partnership with Veda.

Consumer credit reports review historical credit repayment behaviour and help you to identify bad credit risks thereby reducing costs attributed to bad debt and write offs.

The reports analyse:

  • Payments Defaults
  • Collection Actions
  • Court Judgments
  • Insolvency Information
  • Public Notices
  • File Notes

Reduce identity fraud with our services, allowing you to screen clients through the driver license national database. Better know your clientele and make more intelligent decisions when lending or striking new business deals.

Please contact us to discuss what ARC’s can do for your company. Call us on 1300 650 883 and speak directly to our experienced team, or send us your enquiries via email at [email protected] or through our contact page.